About Accounting Intelligence Plus
And Founder Brendan Noonan


Born out of a passion for business and identification of a need to help business owners understand how to create and use financial intelligence to measure and improve their companies financial performance.

Accounting Intelligence Plus was founded in 2014 by Brendan Noonan.

Brendan-Noonan-Accounting-Intel-PlusProfile – Brendan Noonan

Curiosity for many different aspects of business performance and the financial effects of that performance drives Brendan’s entrepreneurial spirit.

This curiosity also drives Brendan to seek out new ways to measure financial performance through the use of new and evolving accounting technology.

Experience of over 18 years in many different accounting roles has honed Brendan’s ability to determine where accounting data can provide the financial intelligence that business owners need to make more profitable decisions.

The last 8 years of experience in public practice accounting has given Brendan insights into how accounting firms typically provide historical financial information (from year-end financials) that doesn’t always provide business owners with timely financial intelligence needed for effective strategic planning.

A dedicated accounting professional that believes in continual education of new accounting and tax issues , Brendan empowers his staff to look beyond the numbers and make the link back how the financial information is driven by the business day-to-day operations.

In 2002, Brendan received his Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management from Royal Roads University.

The education experience from Royal Roads University provided the foundational skills for business along with an entrepreneurial perspective. This was the beginning of the business and accounting education for Brendan that continues up to the present.

After Royal Roads, Brendan earned a Certificate of Professional Accounting from Camosun College in 2010. The certificate was a culmination of many courses in accounting, business finance, management and income taxes over several years.

Brendan was also enrolled in the Charted Accountant School of Business program from 2009 to 2013. This program tied together many accounting and tax concepts into a comprehensive professional level education experience.

In 2014 Brendan and his family moved to Metro Vancouver.

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